Tucson Gem Show 2014

Quite the adventure in Tucson, AZ. If you have never made it out for the gem show that happens every February, it is a bit difficult to describe the madness that happens there. More gems, jewelry, crystals, and jewelry aficionados than the eye can see. Yes there are a few major shows you should not miss (jewelry industry only, sorry general public). But for the most part the entire town is converted into a sprawling show. Every empty parking lot, or hotel room, a potential space to show wares.

 This year I met my CO business partners for a chance to shop the best shows together. I brought along a co-worker and friend from the Bay area. Minds were blown, worlds were expanded, fun was had.

 Definitely did not get enough pictures from the shows, but here are a few fun ones from the trip:

Epic sunrise crossing the California Desert. Almost ran out of gas near a state penitentiary. One of those moments you don't forget.  

Gold Nuggets from Tony and Nadine's booth at the Fossil show. Gold Nugget Imports, Australia. 

Replica of a Gold Nugget acquired in Victoria, Australia. Over 27 kilos... Sold in Australia. 

My business partner being silly ;p 

Amethyst Geode, JG&M Expo 

Smoky Quartz Specimen, hand for size reference.

Fire Agate, Mexico
Tucson Mountain Range

Desert drive.

Last stop in Quartzite for raw specimen. A shot of Jill being a desert dweller.