Frequently Asked Questions - Ring Sizing Info

How do I find my ring size? 

 The most accurate way is to visit your local jewelry store and ask to get sized. Most will gladly do it for free! I recommend getting sized at a few stores before purchasing your item to be very sure you get sized well. I offer a very affordable ring sizer that can be sent in the mail as well.  

  When ordering a wider band, it is important to get sized at a store using a wide metal sizer, and even ask to try on a band at that width if they have it. This is a great way to ensure the ring you are getting sized for will fit. 

 Tip: Try to get sized when your fingers are warmer, not cold. The body, especially the fingers, tend to swell when warm, and shrink when cold. It is important that the ring slip over your knuckle snugly, and then requires you to work to get it off. No slipping off; that is a badly sized ring! 

What if I receive my ring, it looks beautiful, but it doesn't fit my finger just right (Re-size needed)?

 I will gladly resize your ring purchased from my shop if addressed within 10 days of your purchase.  You can send your ring back insured to get re-sized. Buyer is responsible for shipping both ways for resize. Protocol should look like this: go to a local trusted jewelry store and get sized again. If you take my ring to them you can see how it matches up and we can takes notes on that.

 In some cases a ring needs to be remade in order to fit the clients finger at the now accurately measured size. In such a case, a re-stocking fee will have to be arranged to remake the ring to cover materials and labor cost. I will keep it minimal; my primary concern is that you are thrilled with the quality of your item. Prices will vary depending on the design and material; we will discuss it if need be. 

  • Simple design size down: Free

  • Complex design size down (multiple stones, continuous pattern): TBD case by case basis

  • Simple design size up: $70+ in gold/palladium to account for materials and labor.

  • Complex design size up (multiple stones, continuous pattern): $75-350 (May have to remake item) 

Turnaround time for re-size?

Please allow up to 15 business days for re-size of your ring. Rush/expedited turnaround time is possible, $100 minimum charge will apply (shipping included). 

The wedding date is close and I need to get re-sized... Are there any alternatives?  

Yes! It is possible to take your ring to a local trusted jeweler to get your ring re-sized. It is a normal part of the industry; these things happen. When doing so, it is important to explain materials carefully to your jeweler. Market prices apply.