Beautiful Hand Crafted Engagement Rings And Wedding Bands Inspired From Star Wars' Rebel Alliance

Growing Up Star Wars was one of my favorite series.  Who doesn't love this epic struggle! Good Against Evil.  Rebels vs. The Establishment.  They created a world, and a story that is so easy to get absorbed into!  I've created some pieces that were inspired by Star Wars.  

These engagement rings, wedding bands, and sets are all specifically inspired by the rebels.  So which do you prefer?  Rebel alliance or the Empire?  Are you a Jedi fan, or a more of a Sith Lord Type?  Comment, or send me a message!

 Most of the colors, and the feel of these rings comes from watching the movies.  Enjoy!

You Can Check Out More of my Star Wars Rebel Designs at my Etsy Shop here!

Joshua WendlerComment