Last Jewelry Project of 2011...

 This was a fun project I worked on for a friend. As many of you already know, I work with spoon rings most of the time, where we collect vintage spoon patterns often from the turn of the century.

 One of my favorite patterns was a pair of vintage sugar cube tongs that was made to look like bird claws. I made it into a spoon ring and got surprisingly low feedback in our etsy store, so I decided to spice it up.

 I happened to have an old sapphire my grandmother had as a loose gem for years. It was practically begging to be used for a project like this. Passed it on to my best friend, and I hope she passes it down to her children someday.

Vintage Silver Upcycled ring with 6mm round Orange Sapphire


 Planning on doing more fun jewelry projects soon, keep an eye out!

~ Wendybird