Recent Creations

Custom Pendant with Hackle Feather earrings. 
(Photo:Mike Tobias, model: K. Dement.)

So as many of you may already know, I primarily make my income by making and selling spoon ring jewelry (If you are curious to take a look, click here.) While I am so blessed to be using my skills on the bench to pay the bills, my true passion is to be taking on more creative endeavors in the art realm.

I have not been as diligent as I feel I need to in this area of creating, although I have made a few fun items I wanted to share with you all. (Click on any of the photos to get a closer look.)

"Crystal Ring": Faden Quartz (German) set on cast sterling silver.

Custom Ring collaboration with Michelle Lessans. Designed and wire wrapped by M. Lessans, fabricated by Josh Wendler. sterling silver, copper, and brass. 

"Shaman Tiara"-Custom crown piece for Fly Girl Dancer Natalie Eve
"Floating Heart"-Custom Sterling Silver Cast ring with fabricated elements. 
Prong set carnelian for Miss Natalie Eve (
"Scarab Union": Carved onyx set on sterling silver fused to brass 

"For Dad": Hollow formed copper with fused sterling silver disc, on black leather cord.

Collaboration with Michelle Lessans, cast Sterling Silver.

"Mystic Topaz Pendant": Set 5mm round in Sterling Silver.
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