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Specializing in moissanite engagement rings, unique men's wedding bands and more. All of our pieces are hand crafted, handmade jewelry pieces. Many stone options available to create affordable alternatives for your wedding needs. Please contact me  to discuss your next unique piece.  

Kingdom Hearts Inspired Engagement Rings- Keyblade and More!

With the release of Kingdom Hearts 3 on the Horizon, A lot of people have been asking us if we have any Keyblade Engagement Rings...  We'll The good news, We have got one of the most impressive Kingdom Hearts Engagement Ring Collections that can be found online today.  

If you don't see something you love, let me know! I'd love to help you design your own beautiful, custom made Kingdom Hearts Engagement Ring for your partner.  

 The Sora Inspired Engagement Ring

The Sora Inspired Engagement Ring

 Gold Paopu Engagement Ring

Gold Paopu Engagement Ring

Kingdom Hearts Keyblade Engagement Rings
Kingdom Hearts Keyblade Engagement Ring - Sora Ring - Geeky Engagement Ring with Moissanite, Blue Diamond, Sapphire, and Pink Sapphire - Nerd Two Tone Ring - Size 5.png
Kingdom Hearts Paopu Fruit Engagement Ring.png

Too See the whole Collection, or to place your order, Check out my Kingdom Hearts Section of my Etsy Store.

Limited Release Honeycomb Rings Now Available

Hello out there internets!

 Life has been very full here as changes have settled and production is able to take place. I moved to a new studio in Oakland, CA and have been gearing up for summer festivities. Meeting great people, loving friends and family, growing as the seasons bring challenges and blessings.

 In some exciting news, I have completed a small batch of Honeycomb Bee Rings in sterling silver, adjustable to your size! (Sizes available are 4.5-7.75.) There are only 9 available at the moment, and I am very happy to ship out for free at your ring size. All August sales help me fundraise for efforts to spend a little time at the Burning Man Festival.

 I will be shipping rings out until August 22nd. If there are any left, and you could not pick one up at the time but are interested in doing so later, you can favorite the item in my Etsy shop so you can easily bring it up for a later time. (Xmas time is a really busy time for my shop.)

 All rings are designed by me using CAD software, and are professionally cast by Jena Hounshell in San Francisco. After the ring is cast in sterling, I carefully clean up the rings by hand and applied a dark liver of sulfur patina. I then brush finish the ring, and lightly polish the honeycomb. This makes the honeycomb pop, yet is subtle enough to make a great accessory.

 To anyone who has encouraged me along the way, inspired me to make a move, play a little, and hug a stranger, THANK YOU!!!

 So grateful for the opportunity to continue creating. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have a question, idea, or comment you'd like to share: metal (dot) wendler (at)


Joshua Wendler