Kingdom Hearts 1 Tone Engagement Ring- 6.5mm Round Moissanite

Kingdom Hearts 1 Tone Engagement Ring- 6.5mm Round Moissanite

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Beautifully crafted engagement ring inspired by Sora's Kingdom Hearts keyblade. This ring features a 6.5mm round Forever One Moissanite center stone, and 2 hidden teal blue diamond settings under the center stone. Also available with a lab sapphire center stone, and lab alexandrite stone. (Want a specific gemstone for the center stone? Message us!)

Ring Specs:
● 5mm Round Forever Brilliant Moissanite, 0.408ct. (Colorless)
● 2mm round Teal Blue Diamond accent stones, conflict free (heat treated). 
● One Tone- White Gold shank, White gold head
● Band is 4.43mm at widest point of keyblades, then tapers down to 3.5mm at the back of shank
● Available in yellow or white gold, or palladium white gold alloys. Please inquire with questions. 
● Hidden Gemstone setting feature

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This wedding ring is made from recycled gold, or palladium and is handmade with a comfort fit to your size. The ring is carved from wax, then cast in the metal of your choice. From there it is finished by hand to achieve a great wearable look.

I offer BRUSHED or POLISHED finishes on these rings. Shown in the photo is a polished finish. I also offer a brushed satin finish, please let me know your preference when ordering. 

Please allow 3-5 weeks from order to ship date. (Rush orders possible for a rush fee, please message about due date). Exact ring size needed before creating your ring, see sizing info for best ways to get your size before ordering.

● Sizing: It is important for gold that you provide your EXACT finger size. Each ring is handmade to your specifications, so your band may have to be re-made from scratch if a new size is required. I can ship you ring sizers for a very reasonable price to make sure you get sized properly. I strongly recommend going to a few wedding ring stores to get sized before purchase, most will gladly do it for free! 


About Moissanite: 

Moissanite is a lab created gemstone that is near colorless, extremely durable, with a brilliance that can even outshine diamond. It has become a great alternative to diamond in that it offers a lower price point than comparable diamonds in size, and does not depend on the traditional mining methods that have been roiled in controversy. It is created from Silicon Carbide, a rare mineral found in meteors and stardust. Charles & Colvard are the leading manufacturer of synthetic moissanite, and have perfected a gemstone that has a hardness of 9.25, proving to be only topped by diamond on the hardness scale. To learn more about Moissanite, please visit the website of Charles and Colvard:


Metal Options: 

14k yellow Gold and 14K rose gold:

14k gold is 58.3% pure gold, and 41.7% other metals to alloy for a more durable product. 14k Yellow has a traditional yellow most people are familiar with, but not rich as 18k or 22k that contains more pure gold. Rose gold contains copper alloys to create the pinkness that is so unique to it. 

18K gold:

18k gold is 75% pure gold, and 25% other metal alloy. This creates a warmer tone to the pinkness than 14k. Very durable, has an extra fine color quality when seen on the hand. 


Palladium is a precious metal with some commonalities of platinum, but more affordable. It is a white metal, but has a bit if a blueish tone that makes the metal look cooler than other white metals. Rarely causes allergic reaction, nickel free, and is very durable. Excellent option for wedding or engagement rings. 

Palladium White Gold: 

An alloy of white gold and palladium. Not quite as brittle as white gold is, and not quite as common as 14k white. 

*** Since every wedding ring I make is handmade, the exact finish of your ring may vary slightly. Each one is one of a kind and unique. Photo represents a very standard studio production item for a client. 

●●● <<|| ORDERING INFO ||>> ●●●

*Please Read- info below about fabrication and shipping time before ordering*

● Fabrication Time:Sizes 4-13 ready to ship in 3-5 weeks. Message me if you have a specific timeline, I will always let you know if I can accommodate your deadline! Rush fees may apply. 

● Shipping Time: All domestic US orders are shipped via USPS priority mail with tracking and insurance. Delivery once shipped usually takes between 2-5 days at most. If you need rush shipping (express mail), please message me for a shipping upgrade before purchase. 

● Awesome!
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