Metal Wendler- Recycled gold and palladium handmade Bridal and Wedding Bands.

Offering recycled metals engagement rings, wedding bands and more.

Specializing in moissanite engagement rings, unique men's wedding bands and more. All of our pieces are hand crafted, handmade jewelry pieces. Many stone options available to create affordable alternatives for your wedding needs. Please contact me  to discuss your next unique piece.  

Custom Jewelry

                                                                                                                   "I Do" // Custom sound wave ring in sterling silver, 2015.    

                                                                                                                 "I Do" // Custom sound wave ring in sterling silver, 2015.   

  Have an idea for a unique piece of jewelry? I am happy to explore possibilities with you. From rings, pendants, brooches, or unique heirlooms to pass on to your family, let's create something you've had in mind.  
"Ring looks better in person than in the photos." - Logan L. 

    See something you like but want a slight change? Variations possible and welcomed. Whether it is a new idea from scratch, or a modification to my existing product line, message me with your idea to get the vision across.   

  Email me with your idea. Even a sketch can get the ball rolling. Quotes gladly provided with adequate info to do so, email me at: 

metal (dot) wendler (at) 

Custom Pricing Basics:

Custom items in:

  • Sterling Silver: Starting at $300+
  • Other Precious metals: $1500+ depends completely on design. Your item may require more or less work to accomplish, and may require more or less material to achieve your goal.  Contact me with details of your idea to get a quote!